Orlando, Fla. — MenuVantage, a Web-based menu selling system, recently announced record company growth for the first and second quarter 2007. It also announced that it will soon expand into the Canadian marketplace. The company’s continued growth is fueled by several vertical markets including the introduction by ADP Dealer Services of the private label version of MenuVantage, marketed under the name of “w.e.bMenu,” launched in the fourth quarter of 2006. From January 1st through July 31st 2007, over 200 dealerships signed onto ADP w.e.b.Menu. The fully customizable, Web-based menu selling system powered by MenuVantage is designed to help increase back-end grosses and streamline the F&I selling process.

Dealerships to recently sign on to the MenuVantage F&I menu-selling platform through ADP w.e.b.Menu include Faulkner Automotive, Group One Automotive, Southern Hospitality Automotive Group, Dan Grubb Automotive Group, McDonald Automotive Group, the Checkered Flag Auto Group, Billion Auto Group and World Auto Group. MenuVantage, which currently services over 4600 users in all 50 states, will further expand into Canada in Q3 2007.

MenuVantage supplies auto dealerships with the most advanced technology available on the market including electronic submission of warranty and F&I products to providers, real time service contract rating for over 50 providers, and dynamic printing of documents on regular paper. MenuVantage’s online rating and contract functionality speeds the entire process, improves accuracy, and eliminates duplicate data entry for both dealers and aftermarket providers.

MenuVantage has seen a strong increase in market presence and currently processes more than 100,000 deals per month for over 4000 users at automotive dealerships in all 50 states nationwide; the average deal with MenuVantage produces $903 per unit compared to $633 per unit without the system — a 30 percent increase in revenue.