Oshawa, Canada — Quorum Information Technologies and General Motors of Canada, Limited (GMCL) recently announced the establishment of a landmark new level of information technology integration for their dealers. The announcement was made by Marc Comeau, GMCL’s vice president of sales and marketing and Maury Marks, president and CEO of Quorum.

The announcement highlights the establishment of a remarkable new integration point between GMCL and Quorum whereby GMCL provides data feeds directly to Quorum’s DMS solutions so that the dealers using these systems can accurately select and apply the incentives and lease or finance rates and residuals to a vehicle purchase. This is a major milestone for the North American automotive marketplace as this sort of joint integration and has been a long sought after process improvement at the point of sale.

Quorum and GM have been working for some time to refine the process and technology to make the integration completely seamless for dealers and help them streamline their sales process with customers. Meanwhile, Quorum has integrated the information not just at the point of sale, but also to benefit the entire dealers’ process – from booking the deal into accounting through to applying for the appropriate incentives through the delivery reporting process. Dealers/Retailers who have contracted for the GM IDMS will receive this integration at no additional charge; non-IDMS Dealers/Retailers will be required to pay GM a monthly fee for this data.