WAYNE, Pa. — MaximTrak, an automotive industry F&I menu system provider, launched a real-time integration partnership with the Universal Warranty Corporation, a subsidiary of Motors Insurance Corporation (MIC).

The integration partnership will allow dealers from across the nation to rate vehicle service contracts based on the VIN of the vehicle instantaneously. This technology will reduce rating and miscellaneous errors at the dealership level by 30 percent and will eventually speed up the amount of time that it takes to register the sale of all vehicle service contracts sold. The next step in the evolution of the integration partnership will be to integrate Universal Warranty’s contract printing technology into the MaximTrak application so that dealerships will be able to rate, print and register all contract submissions effectively, eliminating the 45- to 60-day lag in the contract registration process.

MaximTrak’s unique dealer systems integration approach allows dealers to seamlessly utilize the VIN rating technology with the touch of one button and without duplication of data entry into multiple systems, which enhances efficiency and user adoption within the finance department.

MaximTrak has seen a strong increase in market presence and is currently working with multiple aftermarket companies, vehicle service contract administrators and captive finance companies to increase same-store product sales while reducing back-end cost inefficiencies through the MaximTrak technology platform.