MIDLOTHIAN, Va. — Auto Service Agreement LLC, an auto service plan distribution company, has launched a new online product application that allows auto dealerships to sell an extended warranty to their customers after the car has been sold.

This fully automated Web application will help auto dealerships offer service agreements to their customers, with no additional work on the dealers' part. The new application can also be sold directly to consumers, banks, credit card companies, repair facilities and online auto dealers such as eBay. Auto Service Agreement's new application eliminates the middleman, saving their clients time and energy and offering users the convenience of buying auto warranties online.

"What we have done is take a product that [has] traditionally been for one segment and dramatically broadened it," says consulting insurance specialist Rob Helsley of The Helsley Group. "We are changing the way business is done."

Auto Service Agreement's system will allow end-users to rate an extended warranty, choose the plan they like, obtain zero-percent financing for up to 18 months and conveniently print their contract out at home immediately.

All of the information necessary to complete the transaction is automatically sent to the administrator and financing company electronically. A business can set up this new service agreement application, sell an extended warranty to someone across the country and have the money for the sale automatically deposited into its business account without having to communicate directly with the buyer.