Norcross, Ga. — MPK Automotive Systems, developer of a Microsoft-based dealer management system (DMS), announced that the company has successfully completed integration with Mazda North American Operation’s factory system. MPK’s new, fully integrated DMS is now available to more than 700 Mazda franchised dealerships throughout the U.S.

“Working with Mazda to complete an advanced level of integration with our DMS is an exciting opportunity for MPK and Mazda dealers because it provides an opportunity to start using a next-generation DMS today,” said Paul Gracy, vice president, Development, MPK Automotive Systems. “Our technology is built on one of the world’s best business platforms, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which means Mazda dealers can use a tier one business platform for their DMS that is also used by more than 50,000 businesses with more than 1 million users around the globe.”

Mazda North American Operation and MPK have worked together to deliver leading-edge technology in a user-friendly format where franchised dealers can access manufacturer information, in real-time, from within their dealership. MPK’s customized DMS enables dealers to seamlessly transfer data from one system to another without having to re-key information, which helps reduce errors and provides superior access to information. This, in turn, enables Mazda dealers to electronically transfer:

•Parts Ordering, Availability and Return

•Financial Statement Submission

•Warranty Claim Submission

•Digital Motorworks Parts and Vehicle data interfaces

MPK’s simplicity and affordability makes them an attractive DMS provider for Mazda dealerships, which until now have had a limited number of choices due to integration capabilities. MPK’s fully-integrated product also allows for customizable reporting to fit a dealership’s workflow, and offers Mazda dealerships:

•A full suite of fully integrated DMS modules, including accounting, sales, parts, service, payroll, CRM & F&I menu selling.

•Real time posting of transactions ensures instant, up-to-the-minute access to all financial, customer, vendor and vehicle information for a single store or across a multi-store dealer group.

•Easy information retrieval allows dealers to see summary information (e.g., current sales totals for the day) and drill down into all transactions, such as vehicle sales or repair orders, parts counter tickets, etc.

•Single click extraction to Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications lets dealers and their accountants and consultants quickly evaluate and communicate business information.

•User can drive the true Windows interface via a mouse or keyboard.