ORLANDO — Nation Safe Drivers has joined MenuVantage’s nationwide network of active F&I providers. The company joins over 50 other providers currently on the MenuVantage platform including Protective, A.U.L Corporation, LOTS, Cal-Tex Protective Coatings, SouthwestRe, CNA National, EasyCare, GE, American Financial Automotive Services and Safeguard.

Nation Safe Drivers deals with the creation and marketing of auto-related supplemental products such as tire and wheel warranties, towing and roadside assistance packages, and GAP and etch protection products. MenuVantage will electronically rate their products, electronically remit and enroll their customers, as well as enable the dynamic printing of their contracts on plain printer paper.

MenuVantage’s online rating and contract functionality speeds the entire process, improves accuracy, and eliminates duplicate data entry for both dealers and aftermarket providers.

"We believe this relationship will benefit our customers by bringing greater efficiency to the F&I Office and positively affecting their profitability,” said Michael Wiener, senior vice president of marketing for Nation Safe Drivers.

Phillip Battista, MenuVantage co-CEO added: “The continued expansion of the MenuVantage network makes it increasingly beneficial for our over 4,000 users. By providing electronic rating, contracting and submission to our mutual customers nationwide, we are helping dealers to best meet their customers' needs and sell more vehicles."

MenuVantage has developed a system that not only assists dealers on the front end, but also providers on the back end; offering unique benefits to F&I providers. The MenuVantage system incorporates a powerful communication feature that offers the capability to broadcast information directly to their dealer's desktops.

With this feature providers can run contests, make announcements and post new product promotions in minutes. Additional provider benefits include a built-in reporting suite that automatically submits cleared contracts on a daily basis. Providers can now track and monitor dealers daily; detect trends early, identify weak points before they become problems and respond accordingly.

MenuVantage provides dealers with superior F&I tools to ensure compliance and increased per unit profit. The system offers F&I departments the most advanced technology available on the market, including electronic submission of warranty and F&I products to providers, real time service contract rating for over 50 providers, and dynamic printing of documents on regular paper.

MenuVantage has seen a strong increase in market presence and currently processes more than 100,000 deals per month for over 4,000 users at automotive dealerships in all 50 states nationwide; the average deal with MenuVantage produces $903 per unit compared to $633 per unit without the system — a 30 percent increase in revenue.