Dealers who floorplan with Chrysler Financial now have an added incentive to do so after the captive finance company implemented a new policy that will provide floorplan dealers with instant payment for a vehicle loan or lease.

For dealers who don’t floorplan with Chrysler Financial, the captive finance company said it will not advance funding on a loan or lease until after the dealer completes the paperwork. Although non-floorplan dealers say the move will hurt cash flow on retail deals done through the captive finance company, officials from Chrysler Financial said the move was made to reward floorplan dealers with a premium service.

“From time to time we review our programs based on the market conditions and the competition,” said Amber Gowen, spokesperson for Chrysler Financial. “Based upon our research and review of the EFT process with the Chrysler Financial Dealer Advisory Council and Chrysler National Dealer Council, we adjusted our policy to remain competitive as a captive financial services company. Chrysler Financial now offers a premium service to dealers who floorplan with us. These changes adjusted the non-wholesale dealer policies by bringing them in-line with the industry standard.”

Other captive finance companies, such as Toyota Financial Services, Ford Motor Credit Co. and GMAC, have implemented similar policies, providing privileged services to their floorplan dealers.