PORTLAND, Ore. — Compli and Venable LLP have partnered to provide California auto dealerships with the latest regulatory, compliance-related training content available.

Venable LLP, known for strategic litigation prevention and compliance planning, as well as aggressive defense of auto industry clients in the onslaught of class action litigation faced by dealers, has agreed to provide this dealer-specific content through Compli's Dealership Compliance Management System (DCMS).

This announcement further illustrates Compli’s successful strategy that quickly implements new content programs from subject matter experts in key areas of dealership compliance as new regulations arise. Compli’s expert partners provide policies, trainings, forms and process-related best practices to pre-populate Compli’s DCMS in such key areas as sales and F&I, employment practices, environmental, and health and safety.

"We've partnered with Venable LLP to provide sales and F&I, litigation prevention and support, policies, trainings and programs specifically created for California auto dealers," said Lon Leneve, president of Compli. "This marks another milestone in Compli's strategy to provide California auto dealers with the highest quality compliance content available."

“Compli’s ability to deliver content by subject matter experts provides the tool kit necessary for dealers to address and prevent problems that lead to litigation,” said Aaron Jacoby, a partner with Venable LLP. “We’re very happy and honored to be a contributor to the Compli platform, which enhances dealership business practices and reduces litigation risk.”

Deliverables of the Compli-Venable LLP Partnership

Venable LLP will deliver and update content that is integrated into Compli's DCMS. The content will cover key regulatory areas including: customized best practices policies on sales and F&I, signing the deal, and litigation avoidance and support. Additional content consists of trainings and business-process tools, which further support the dealership's ability to comply with California requirements. The new content is scheduled to be available to Compli's California customers beginning in the fourth quarter of 2007.