BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. — NeoSynergy introduced its Internet-based software application, Best Deals, which was made possible through partnerships with AOL Autos ( and NeoSynergy's merger with Best Deals enables automotive dealers to advertise their best deals and special pricing on products via the Web. This approach allows them to enhance their current advertising and sales strategies with the real-time capability to adjust pricing and optimize their advertising messages based on market conditions.

"The primary means for driving dealer traffic has been through traditional print advertising," said NeoSynergy CEO and President David Wassmann. "Best Deals provides them with a new avenue for cost-effectively publishing their advertised specials in real-time. They have more control."

Best Deals comes at an ideal time, considering a recent Capgemini study on global automobile purchasing trends indicates 80 percent of vehicle buyers research new car and truck purchases via the Internet.

This solution is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional print advertising and allows dealers and their advertising agencies to modify pricing on a real-time basis, even after prices have been published. NeoSynergy is offering its Best Deals product to automotive dealers across the country.

With the introduction of NeoSynergy's Buy Direct product this spring, consumers nationwide will be able to handle all aspects of a new vehicle sale with the dealer via the Internet. This includes selecting a financing method, applying for a lease or loan, and making arrangements for the vehicle to be delivered or setting an appointment to complete paperwork and drive the new vehicle home.

According to the Capgemini study, 20 percent of consumers are now likely to buy a vehicle over the Internet, up from 2 percent in 2001. The firm attributes this significant increase to people becoming more comfortable with buying expensive goods over the Web, including computers, televisions and home appliances.

"NeoSynergy's Buy Direct application is exactly what consumers say they want — a convenient means to shop for the best deals available, without having to drive around town or the state to find them," said Lance Tebay, NeoSynergy executive vice president and chief operating officer. "The dealers' best prices come to them via Best Deals and they can initiate the transaction, using Buy Direct, at their leisure."

The first 100 dealers that sign up for Best Deals also have the opportunity to convert to NeoSynergy's fully integrated end-to-end DARWIN XE Dealer Management System (DMS) and virtually eliminate their monthly recurring software charges. Unlike many DMS platforms now in place, DARWIN XE is designed to handle real-time inventory and transaction data. If a dealer chooses to keep its current DMS platform, the Best Deals application will work with their existing system, but Wassmann expects a number of dealers to accept the DARWIN XE offer.

"Our suite of Internet-based products enables dealers to sell more vehicles faster with less work and overhead costs," said George Stellweg, NeoSynergy vice president of sales and business development. "The savings from reduced costs can be passed on to the consumer. In this challenging market, that is a competitive advantage that can separate outstanding dealers from the rest."