Clifton Park, N.Y. — Auto/Mate Dealership Systems (, ranked the highest for overall customer satisfaction in the last three NADA surveys, announced that it has formalized a partnership with MPi to integrate MPi's electronic dealership generating solution, called EDGE (formerly known as ARGIS), with Auto/Mate’s Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS). The integration between Auto/Mate and EDGE will create a high level of efficiency for participating dealerships by eliminating the need to re-enter data.

The AMPS dealership management system is designed by former auto dealer executives and offers more than 20 fully integrated modules to suit any size dealership and to address every need, including sales, F&I, fixed operations, accounting, CRM, fleet sales and more. Demand for the system has generated a growth rate of more than 30 percent per year, and it is currently used by more than 400 dealers.

MPi's EDGE provides service departments the ability to perform World Class Inspections that effectively increase customer pay sales using a customized inspection report, Know Your Vehicle. The detailed inspection process gives service departments the ability to maximize all potential revenue. Dealers operating on the Auto/Mate platform can now pull information from the DMS directly into EDGE and populate the system with all appropriate customer information.

“We provide a set of tools for dealers to effectively manage the process of World Class Inspections and guarantee its success and profitability,” said Les Silver, MPi’s president and CEO. “Auto/Mate’s quality image in the marketplace and rate of growth made integration an easy choice,” Silver added.

“MPI’s EDGE and Auto/Mate’s DMS are tightly integrated. Service departments utilizing the two platforms will experience efficiencies and technicians will no longer have to re-load any vehicle or customer information since data is seamlessly moving between the two solutions,” commented Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate.

Dealers using EDGE are performing a better inspection and doing a superior job of explaining needed repairs to the customer, realizing benefits that average $125 to $175 in additional needed repairs per vehicle inspection, a substantial increase in revenue per RO. With EDGE, Auto/Mate dealers are better positioned to manage and increase the profitability of their service departments.