TAMPA, Fla. — Advantage Product Pipeline announced it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with DuPont to manufacture and market the DuPont Automotive Protection Package.

“This alliance provides an exciting new option for automobile dealerships and their consumers, and preliminary reaction to the product has been very positive,” said Sue Gayle, president, Advantage Product Pipeline. “This type of product has proven to be a profitable offering in the finance, sales and service areas. With the new DuPont branded product, the potential for increased margins is more likely to be sustainable.”

The DuPont Automotive Protection Package is classified by DuPont in the DIFM (Do It for Me) category, which requires certified automobile dealerships to apply the products for the consumer. The package includes a fabric protector, paint protector and leather protector. The products are easy to apply and maintain and help to enhance a vehicle’s overall appearance. All three are backed with a manufacturer’s written guarantee for five years on new vehicles and three years on pre-owned vehicles. There is no mileage limitation or model-year limitation, and the guarantee can be transferred.

“An important piece of information for our customers to know is that DuPont has extensive processes in place before it will associate its brand with any licensee. These processes ensure the highest standards have been met for the product,” Gayle said.

The DuPont Automotive Protection Package made its national debut at the 2007 F&I Management Convention and will be presented again at the 2008 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo in February. It will be rolled out nationally this year and throughout next year at the dealership level. Product is starting to go into dealerships now and will be distributed by Advantage Interconnections Inc. and various automobile-dealerships-related distribution channels.