SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — R. L. Polk & Co.'s Lead Scoring program will be fully integrated into all of MileOne Automotive's dealerships effective immediately. Polk Lead Scoring combines predictive modeling and analytic capabilities with Polk's automotive intelligence to impartially determine which Internet leads are likely to result in a vehicle sale.

This integration follows a two-month pilot program in which 14 MileOne Automotive dealerships used Polk Lead Scoring to determine which Internet leads were coming from customers most likely to buy a vehicle. These dealerships attributed 45 additional vehicle sales and $70,000 in additional profits to the Polk Lead Scoring program.

"The pilot phase of the Polk Lead Scoring program improved the way we approached our Internet leads," said David Metter, chief marketing officer for MileOne Automotive. "We were able to gain a competitive advantage by prioritizing our sales team efforts and efficiently follow up with our leads, resulting in additional profit. Once we interacted with this program and analyzed the results, it was an easy decision to continue with Polk Lead Scoring."

Polk Lead Scoring enhances Internet leads with a wide variety of proprietary automotive intelligence and advanced demographic and lifestyle information.

Automotive retailers and manufacturers will be able to optimize their Internet lead mix by determining the likelihood and timeliness of a lead converting to a sale. Polk Lead Scoring also includes reporting and analytic capabilities with particular emphasis on leveraging Polk's ability to evaluate lead performance at the lead source, make and dealer level.

"By implementing Polk Lead Scoring, MileOne Automotive shows that they are committed to new technologies that will help drive incremental sales without purchasing more leads or increasing headcount," said Andrew Price, vice president-automotive retail solutions for R. L. Polk & Co. "Our advanced analytics and sophisticated automotive intelligence enable dealers to use Polk Lead Scoring as a competitive advantage in their market."