BEVERLY, Mass. — DataOne Software, announced that it has developed EasyDMS, a new polling technology that allows information to be pulled multiple times a day from popular Dealer Management Systems (DMS) with or without a modem. EasyDMS provides auto dealers with clean, accurate vehicle information that can be easily managed, updated and exported. The low-cost solution will be made available to dealers as part of DataOne Software’s popular iMarketAuto inventory management system and other lead management and pricing intelligence products.

“EasyDMS takes one more technology roadblock out of the way for dealers so they can manage their own inventory with ease,” says Jock Pereira, managing director, DataOne Software. “It’s a seamless, intuitive polling solution that can reliably extract vehicle data from Dealer Management Systems.”

EasyDMS maintains a database of all polling locations, access information and reports to pull. It checks for tasks every three minutes and when one is found, a connection is made to the dealer’s DMS using specially developed software installed on the client’s system or the DMS modem.

After the information is retrieved, the incoming file is checked to see if the data is within 80 percent of the current inventory (for average size dealers) to prevent the transfer of corrupted or incorrect data. For smaller and larger dealers, the threshold percentage changes to accommodate edge case inventory differentials.

Once the inventory has been verified, it is brought in and cleaned of all miscellaneous characters, spaces, formatting, anomalies and trends that make it difficult to analyze and process. Next, VIN decoding breaks out features, optional equipment, warranty details, colors, miles per gallon and other important vehicle information. The file is then imported into DataOne Software’s iMarketAuto inventory management program or other services, where it can be easily updated by the client, and then exported to auto buyer destination sites such as and

EasyDMS also provides a Hot Synch option that automatically updates the polling file with any vehicle information changes made directly through the DMS. This works according to each dealership’s process, making it an easy to implement, turnkey solution.

The system also sends daily emails that report statistics on the pulled data, information on what vehicles have been entered and removed from the inventory, and inventory delivery confirmation.

“We have been consistently averaging 97 percent successful pull rates, which is rare in polling,” says Pereira. “EasyDMS is a true breakthrough technology for dealers struggling with inventory update lags caused by polling failures and looking for an affordable, alternative solution to polling by modem. The beauty of this product is that it is completely open-source in nature, easy to implement and easy to scale for larger dealership groups.”