Oxnard, CA – CalAmp Corp., provider of wireless products, services and solutions, recently announced the launch of the Aircept LMU-1400 Location Messaging Unit for mobile asset tracking. In addition, CalAmp has also integrated Google satellite mapping views into the Aircept online service for its digital cellular products. With the introduction of the LMU-1400, CalAmp expects to realize annual cost savings of approximately $1 million for the Aircept business based on current shipment run rates.

Designed and manufactured by CalAmp, the Aircept LMU-1400 is a new GPS and GSM/GPRS tracking device that delivers sixth-generation improvements. Enhancements include better performance through higher cellular receive sensitivity, the ability to simultaneously track up to 16 GPS satellites, Over-The-Air (OTA) delivery of software features, and lower overall power consumption. The Aircept LMU-1400 is available in a smaller and thinner package (2.0 x 4.0 x 0.8 inches) for easier installations.

“Since 1999, the Aircept brand has been recognized for pioneering solutions for vehicle tracking, defining the intersection of internet, wireless and GPS technologies,” said Jarvis Tou, Vice President and General Manager of CalAmp’s Aircept business. “The introduction of the Aircept LMU-1400 delivers key improvements in performance and reliability. The addition of OTA provides leading edge capabilities and improved robustness. Companies that provide vehicle financing have come to depend on CalAmp’s patented technologies and processes, which enable lenders to lower the risk of their loans, and thereby address a larger market of potential customers.”

CalAmp’s Aircept business provides both equipment and monitoring services for vehicle financing companies, including “buy-here, pay-here” dealerships that specialize in automobile financing for high credit risk individuals. According to the 2007 National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Used Car Report, $75.8 billion in used car sales were financed through independent auto dealers in the United States during 2006 as Grade C paper or lower, representing an annual addressable market of nearly 9 million vehicles.

These new products and services rely on CalAmp’s patented technologies and processes. The patents relate to a vehicle location system whose purpose is to enable automobile dealers and finance companies to locate and repossess vehicles serving as collateral on loans that go into default or have other changes in loan status.

The single unit price of the Aircept LMU-1400, including shipping and handling, start at $191 each with one year of included airtime, and $216 with two years of included airtime. For more information, visit www.calamp.com.