Manchester, NH - The management at recently announced it has opened up three new territories. Rand Laden is now the Certified Territory Owner (CTO) for all of Florida, Paresh Patel the CTO for Delaware, and Drew Landenburger is the CTO for Maryland.

The Web-based company is designed to match dealers with their ideal customer, as dealers who subscribe to the network will complete a dealer profile that is stored on the site and is used to match them with the customers they are looking for.

“What makes us so much more than a lead service, and what our current dealers love, is that each customer is only sent to one dealer,” says CEO John Fuhrman. “Plus, if a customer takes the time to specifically fill in their details and then pushes a submit button to find a dealer, they are no longer leads; they are ready, willing and able buyers.”

Using over 50 years of dealer/finance experience and two years of field-testing in today’s market, has begun licensing more new territories. The newly appointed territory owners will be responsible for signing and maintaining dealers throughout the area to the network. After completing the company-training program, each CTO will be actively matching customers with the right dealer. They join existing CTO’s in West Texas, Maine, Virginia, New Hampshire and Vermont.

The site, launched in 2005 has been servicing dealers who understand the value of having customers sent directly to them.

“By offering these customers an insight as to what they can expect, we get all the necessary information to match them with the exact dealer for their situation,” says Fuhrman. “Since we are totally independent of any one dealer, customers tend to be more open with their information, especially when they know that with one click of a send button, they could be driving their new car.”

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