WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — 5square.com, an integrated selling system in the retail automotive industry, has incorporated a series of video tutorials into its Web-based system. For complete ease of use, video tutorials have been built into the system to provide instant guides for users on how to maximize the various features. Available from any screen within the system, the user can simply click on a tutorial and a short video will appear to guide them through the process.

“5square.com has already addressed the issue of a single sales process that can be easily implemented for any store or across every store in a group. Now the video tutorials enable fast training of new salespeople so they can quickly learn how to maximize the system,” commented Eric Larson, 5square.com president. “We’ve also tackled a frequent complaint dealers have with many software tools — they may have some great bells and whistles but dealers don’t have time to learn them. The tutorials make navigating and using any tool on the system very, very easy,” Larson added.

The video tutorials efficiently take the user through the exact action with screen shots and accompanying voice instructions to quickly enlighten any user on the exact steps that need to be taken. The length of the tutorial is clearly listed with each. More than 58 tutorials are available at the fingertips of any user. Tutorials can also be created for dealer groups and OEMs to communicate new features; for instance a new incentive program from an OEM or a different way to handle be-backs throughout a whole dealer group.

According to Scott Brothers, general manager of Gorman McCracken Volkswagen/Mazda in Longview, Texas, the video tutorials make the sales process management system simple to learn: “It's a very simple system. For a new salesman, if we were to hire him today, within two days he'd be on track. He'd feel comfortable with the system.”

Jonathon Mayorga, sales manager at Courtesy Chevrolet in San Jose, Calif., agrees: “The program itself is very easy to use. I have only been here about two weeks and the 5square system has really helped me transition into the car sales business.”