CINCINNATI, Ohio — CallCommand is renaming the company to OneCommand. Company officials said the new name represents one cohesive company focused on helping its customers achieve targeted, direct, timely and unified communication.

2007 was a year of rapid growth and expansion in nearly every aspect of the company, including customers, revenue, employees and solutions offered. OneCommand represents the resulting comprehensive suite of integrated communication solutions the company now provides its core automotive dealer market. OneCommand is symbolic of the union of CallCommand and Retention Performance Marketing (RPM) and communicates the simplicity and ease with which messages can be delivered to customers using a wide variety of communication channels.

OneCommand arms its customers with a powerful, complete suite of customer communication products and services that integrates advanced customer segmentation with personalized communications across multiple channels including voice, direct media, personalized Websites, e-mail and mobile marketing channels. OneCommand also includes advanced reporting and analytics and enables customers to deliver tailored messages to the right recipient, at the right time, while accommodating the customer’s communication preference. It is designed to help businesses take the most effective actions to influence customer behavior and produce the best response.

“Our commitment is to continue to build the products and services that our customers have come to count on. With OneCommand, messages are easier than ever for our customers to send to their customers and more convenient for their customers to receive. We believe our company will be stronger because of this change and we hope the industry shares in our excitement,” commented Al Babbington, CallCommand CEO.

OneCommand will announce a number of exciting new products, which will be unveiled at the 2008 NADA Conference and Exposition in San Francisco, Calif., February 9-12. Visit booth #1559W for more information.