Cincinnati, Ohio — Dealer Specialties released PowerSites, an enhanced version of the company's popular AutoLinks online inventory display system for auto dealers. PowerSites lets dealers easily create customized inventory display pages that integrate seamlessly with the dealership's Website.

"Dealers have the option of using their Website provider's inventory display which is usually nicely formatted, however it lacks some of the functionality of PowerSites," says Glen Garvin, general manager for Dealer Specialties. "For instance, many Website providers lack frequent updates to inventory throughout the day or aren't able to display important content like vehicle videos, enlarged photographs or seller's notes. These differentiating opportunities are very important to the dealer’s success online."

PowerSites increases AutoLinks functionality with additional online inventory pre-selected template designs, and lets dealers quickly and easily modify any design to meet inventory display needs. Vehicle display pages can also be modified to reflect the look and feel of the dealership's existing Website. The system's seamless Website integration enables dealers to maintain visual continuity and brand awareness on the site at all times.

Inventory updates continue to be made throughout the day on PowerSites. Vehicles are ready to view online and sell the same day, including any changes, additions or deletions made to a dealer's inventory.

In addition, each vehicle display page is optimized so it can be found by top search engines without difficulty in order to direct more prospects to the dealer's site. Search engine algorithms are monitored by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts on a regular basis. Whenever the search engines modify their search and display criteria, the inventory display pages are re-optimized to insure the dealer's listings continue appearing in top search results.

With the enhanced flexibility of PowerSites, the product continues offering dealers a content rich format for VeVos (vehicle videos), super size and standard photos, vehicle history reports, comprehensive equipment list and a notes section.