Manchester, NH – With the Latino market becoming one of the fastest-growing segments in the auto industry, announces the launch of a Spanish version of its customer/dealer matching service. Consumers and dealers can simply go to the site and click on the Spanish link and the necessary pages are instantly translated to Spanish.

Now, Spanish-speaking customers who are looking for a car can have the same advantage when searching for the right dealer for them. They can now fill out the same type of profile, which will be matched to local subscribing dealers signed by fully trained certified territory owners.

“This is yet another addition to do a better job of taking care of the market today,” CEO John Fuhrman said of the addition to the site, which certified territory owners had requested to address their markets. “The advantage of having people in specific areas gets us immediate response for market conditions. With the benefits of today’s technology, we can make these changes with relative speed to better serve both the customers and our subscribing dealers.”

Certified territory owners purchase a license to represent the company in specific markets throughout the US and Canada. They are thoroughly trained to address the needs of their dealers while also marketing to the customers in their territory.

The company, is a customer acquisition service. Unlike lead services, who sell names to dealers, individual customers answer a series of questions and match subscribing dealer profiles. Each customer is only sent to one dealer to allow for a more pleasant transaction, according to experts. Territory owners sign dealers to the service through subscription and assist them in developing their unique profile.

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