Westbank, B.C. — F&I software provider Quantech Software.com announces Q-F&I and Q-F&I Lite, updated versions of V6.

Q-F&I combines its core deals, inventory and customer databases with new menu selling and buy-here/pay-here modules. It also includes strong reporting, CRM and Curomax (DealerTrack) integration.

“Q-F&I is an evolution of V6,” explains Jack Pyck, president and founder of Quantech Software. “It combines what we’ve learned since our original 2004 V6 release with our QMenus menu selling and buy-here/pay-here experience.”

Q-F&I’s menu selling component has the same feature-set as QMenus, a menu selling software in Canada. The buy-here/pay-here module has also been updated. “Users are going to find its ease of use, payment flexibility and reporting the best in the industry — bar none,” says Pyck.

Other features include: support for more complex lease and finance deals; powerful deal export functions; tax remittance reporting and support for localized tax settings; insurance capping for higher-priced vehicles; and Microsoft Vista compatibility.

Q-Lite is an easy-to-use version that provides users with deal calculation and forms-printing. It also includes Curomax (DealerTrack) Integration. “We used to sell each module separately,” explains Mike Martin, director of sales for Quantech. “Invariably customers fell into two distinct groups — those that used most of the modules and those that just wanted to do deals and print forms. We believe our new configurations will suit a majority of our customers.”

For Q-F&I and Q-Lite, Quantech Software continues leading the market in laser form support, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and doesn’t lock customers into long-term contracts.

Q-F&I is geared to finance departments that want to maximize the profit potential from selling F&I products. “We’re totally dedicated to changing the traditional opinion that F&I software is a recoverable cost to one where it’s viewed as a profit maximizer,” says Pyck. “We do that by making sure new features are not only easy to use, but they must also have a positive impact on a dealership’s bottom line.”