Cincinnati, OH — OneCommand, formerly known as CallCommand, recently announced the release of its new technology platform OneConnect. OneConnect is designed to arm auto dealers with a complete suite of simple and easy-to-use customer communication tools, enabling the design and execution of powerful and effective multi-channel marketing campaigns within seconds.

OneConnect integrates advanced consumer data segmentation with personalized communications across multiple channels including voice, direct media, personalized Websites, e-mail and mobile-marketing channels. All communications can be designed and coordinated from a single console to be sent to the customer by their preferred method of communication with just a few clicks of a mouse. OneConnect, which has been in development and beta-testing for more than 15 months, is supported by a nationwide network of more than 100 support personnel, one of the largest and most experienced field support networks in the industry.

“Consumers are bombarded with all manner of communications, so dealers have a challenge when trying to reach and create an impact on their customers,” said Al Babbington, CallCommand CEO. “OneConnect allows dealers to design highly targeted multi-channel campaigns. Targeted multi-channel campaigns that coordinate messages across those channel have been proven to increase overall consumer response rates by as much as triple the rate of return of any single channel.”

“OneConnect also integrates directly with OneCommand’s newly announced Preference Manager application, allowing the customer to choose the channel they prefer to receive the communication, which further increases campaign effectiveness as the customer is naturally more willing to receive it,” Babbington said.

With OneConnect, a dealership can administer all its campaigns through a single console providing dealers a turnkey solution through which they can manage what the dealership wants to say, the channel of communication it wants to use balanced by the consumer’s channel of preference, and then receive real-time reports so the dealership can track success and ROI for each campaign.

OneConnect has also been designed to ensure complete compliance with all legislation for all forms of customer communications. The regulatory environment is growing more challenging and the lack of compliance more costly, and OneCommand looks to take regulatory compliance off the dealer’s shoulders and manages everything for the dealer. In addition, a team of highly experienced compliance staff work closely with dealers to ensure that messages to the consumer are fresh and valuable while maintaining legal compliance.

2007 was a year of tremendous growth OneCommand as the company saw a 160 percent increase in revenue and grew its customer base by nearly 300 percent. It also sent out over one hundred million communications on behalf of its customers, equivalent to reaching more than 1/3 of the total US population.

OneCommand’s OneConnect will be demonstrated at the 2008 NADA Conference and Exposition in San Francisco, CA, February 9-12. Visit booth #1559W for more information. For more information on the company, visit