CINCINNATI, Ohio — OneCommand announced OneConnect, a new technology that integrates advanced consumer data segmentation with personalized communications across multiple channels including voice, direct media, personalized Websites, e-mail and mobile marketing channels. All communications can be designed and coordinated from a single console to be sent to the customer by his or her preferred method of communication with just a few clicks of a mouse.

With OneConnect a dealership can administer all its campaigns through a single console, providing dealers a turn-key solution through which they can manage what the dealership wants to say, the channel of communication it wants to use balanced by the consumer's channel of preference, and then receive real-time reports so the dealership can track success and ROI for each campaign.

OneConnect has also been designed to ensure complete compliance with all legislation for all forms of customer communications. OneCommand takes regulatory compliance off the dealer's shoulders and manages everything for the dealer. In addition, a team of compliance staff work closely with dealers to ensure that messages to the consumer are fresh and valuable while maintaining legal compliance.

OneCommand also released two-way, interactive mobile marketing for auto dealers, allowing customers to receive and respond to mobile messaging (text, e-mail and cell phone) in real time, and have the system automatically return in kind. OneConnect Mobile enables the delivery of relevant content in real time across wireless mobile communication channels, including text (SMS) and mobile e-mail (MMS).

“As the mobile experience expands and mobile commerce capabilities become desirable, the need for robust, real-time, bi-directional transactional capabilities between dealers and their customers has not only increased, but become very apparent,” commented Al Babbington, CallCommand CEO.

OneConnect Mobile is built into OneCommand’s new technology platform OneConnect. OneConnect Mobile enables two-way communication between a dealership and its customers in several ways:

Service Reminders: a dealership can automatically send text messages to their customers to remind them of their upcoming service appointment. If the time is no longer convenient, the customer can request via a simple text message to reschedule, providing a time that is convenient for him or her.

On-the-Lot Marketing: Customers visiting a dealer’s lot after hours can text for more information regarding a vehicle or the dealership itself and have the system automatically respond with a text description, color “brochure” of the vehicle or even video. The customer can also request a response via e-mail.

Newspaper ads: Dealers can include wording in their ads telling the reader to text for more information and the same process is then followed as above.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: After vehicle purchase or service a text message can be sent asking if the customer is satisfied and to please text “Yes” or “No”. If the customer responds “No” the system responds and asks the customer if they would like to speak to a manager. If the customer responds with a “Yes”, the system automatically connects a phone call between the customer and the dealership to quickly head off any customer service issues.