Westlake Village, CA – According to 5square.com, it was one year ago that Gorman McCracken Volkswagen in Longview, Texas, switched over to its web-based sales automation system to increase its front-end profit by more than $400 per vehicle. The company previously was using paper logs to track deals through the desking system with no way to tell the close ratio or analyze the details of every deal. But after installing 5square.com’s web-based sales automation system, the dealership sales team began using daily work plans and front-end profit increased more than $400 per vehicle while also increasing the number of lease deals from approximately one per quarter to four or five every month.

“One of the main benefits of using this software is that it eliminates the running back and forth between salespeople and managers during a deal, which helps to build a better relationship with the customer,” said Scott Brothers, Gorman McCracken’s General Manager.

Additionally, Brothers says the electronic multi-pencil tool drastically reduces, if not eliminates, the negotiation in every car deal. The multi-pencil offers an easy interface in which salespeople can plug in various numbers such as down payment, monthly payment, interest rate, sales price or trade-in value, and the screen automatically updates the terms. The customer can instantly see all the options offered and choose their own terms.

“This one feature has greatly contributed to our front-end profit going from an average of $1200 or $1300 per vehicle, all the way to $1700 or $1800 per vehicle, an increase of $400-500 profit per vehicle,” Brothers said.

Gorman McCracken salespeople have also increased lead volume and be-back closing ratios as a result of using 5square.com’s drivers-license tracking system.

Previously salespeople used paper logs for recording customers, but typically only customers who bought vehicles were recorded. Now, every time a customer looks at a vehicle their driver’s license is scanned and the details are stored in the system for follow-up.

Brothers has also noticed a significant time savings with the online credit application feature.

“This has eliminated three or four different processes we had to go through previously, pulling the credit information using one system, then manually transmitting data between our accounting system and DMS,” said Brothers. “Now we can just seamlessly switch back and forth between screens and the data is automatically updated in every part of our system.”

Salespeople enjoy using the sales process software, as it’s easy to use and requires only a day of training. “5square.com takes all the guesswork out of selling cars,” said Brothers.

For more information, visit www.5square.com.