Scottsdale, Ariz. — CNA National (CNAN) has introduced e-contracting, the latest phase of its e-business process for vehicle service contracts. Dealers who sign up for this Web-based service can pull contract information from their DMS or enter it manually, then print a completed service contract ready for the customer’s signature. Because the information is then transmitted electronically to CNAN, all the dealership needs to do is keep a signed copy in the deal jacket — no additional paper copy is required.

“With our existing QuikRate, dealers can already obtain guaranteed online VSC rating in seconds,” says Spencer Lyman, vice president of information systems. “Our QuikRegister allows them to save those rates in order to print a completed register for submitting payment of their service contracts.

“Now that we have implemented QuikContract for printing and QuikRemit for electronic submission of contracts, we’ve made it easier than ever for dealers to do business with CNA National,” he concludes.

CNAN also has agreements with independent menu providers that allow online access to its VSC rating, including Innovative Aftermarket Systems (IAS), MaximTrak, F&I Source, Ristken MenuPro and MenuVantage.