NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Dealerskins, a provider of automotive dealer Web solutions, announced the release of Psychic Sales, an online customer visibility system that adds depth to Website leads. When a customer submits a lead through an auto dealer’s Website, Psychic Sales provides a complete snapshot of that customer and helps to increase the closing ratio. Psychic Sales provides detailed information that includes the customer’s first and last site visits, total number of visits, length of time spent on site, pages visited and vehicles viewed. Psychic Sales will be unveiled at the 2008 NADA Conference and Exposition in San Francisco, CA, February 9-12 at booth #5555N.

“Psychic Sales enriches leads and provides more insight into our customers to help qualify them and give a better indication of the degree the shopper is really in the market. It personalizes the lead and helps build rapport — it’s like providing a dealer with his own personal Website lead scoring system,” commented Michael Shaw, internet director with the Mike Shaw Auto Group which includes Fernandez Honda.

With Psychic Sales, dealers are able to view detailed information about users who submit a lead. The tool interprets and presents the details of the user’s visit in a practical and usable way. Once the user submits a lead, Psychic Sales allows the dealer to see information about exactly what the user viewed. This information gives dealers a more robust understanding of what the user is looking for.

“Psychic Sales adds richer detail to the lead and provides a lot more sales traction. It allows the dealer to see exactly what the customer saw while viewing the online inventory. The probability of closing the sale is significantly increased as the dealer has the information and knows which sales options will work with that particular customer,” commented Amanda Tossberg, Dealerskins marketing director.