ORLANDO, Fla. — MenuVantage, a Web-based menu selling system, announced the addition of electronic signature to its e-contracting platform. This technology, which was previously only available to banks and finance sources, is now available to aftermarket providers for the first time. American Financial and Automotive Services Inc. (AFAS) will be the first provider to offer electronic signature and e-contracting through the new MenuVantage platform to all 1,100 dealership customers nationwide, streamlining the entire process in the F&I office. Dealers can now submit consumer service contracts electronically, reduce errors in contracting and reduce the amount of time spent in the F&I office.

“Electronic signature and e-contracting will set us far in advance of all competitors and take our dealers to a whole new technology level that has never hit the industry before,” commented Arden Hetland, president of AFAS. “We are particularly excited to incorporate this application into our Automotive Training Academy (ATA) as it will be a major component to help streamline the whole F&I process,” Hetland added.

“AFAS has been a key strategic partner for MenuVantage going back to 2005 when they were the driving factor in securing our relationship with Sonic Automotive. We are very pleased that they will be the first provider in the country to offer state of the art processing for F&I products to their entire dealer base,” commented Phillip Battista, MenuVantage co-CEO.