Chicago, Ill. — Harco and Compli announced a new alliance that will provide a compliance management, insurance and loss control package to auto and truck dealers that they expect will lead to improved compliance coverage as well as decreased claims and costs to dealers.

Al Birch, senior vice president of Harco says, “We take great pride in providing dealers with superior insurance and loss control products and services. We made an informed decision to partner with Compli to better serve our clients after observing the effectiveness of their unique compliance management and loss control system over the last few years. We strongly believe our combined capabilities will provide a quantum leap in a dealership’s ability to conduct required compliance activities and to leverage Harco’s loss control programs.”

Lon Leneve, Compli president and CFO, agrees the new capabilities will redefine how dealers address their insurance and loss control challenges. “Harco will encourage dealers to implement and leverage Compli’s automated Web-based Dealership Compliance Management System to not only conduct compliance activities, but also to attack multiple risks via superior loss control capabilities and automated processes. We are thrilled to be partnering with them on such an exciting development in dealership risk management.”