A bill introduced by Nebraska Senator Rich Pahls (R-Omaha) on Jan. 9 would permit dealers to issue certificates of title and registration and license plates to customers at the time they purchase their vehicle.

A hearing in late January did not produce definitive results on the bill, which was given more time for modification.

“I am working with the committee members to see if I can work out any objections they may have,” said Sen. Pahls in an e-mail. “I will offer the committee an amendment I am drafting to alleviate some of their concerns, but I do not know when they will take it up. There is no deadline for the committee to take action under our procedures. But the committee must vote to advance the bill to the full legislature before the body can act on the bill.”

The bill is opposed by county officials who urge that the state’s motor vehicle tax system, which is not only based on the make and model of the vehicle, but also on the buyer’s address, is too complicated for dealerships to execute and should be handled by government entities.

One of the arguments is that since license plates are specific to counties, it would be too difficult and too expensive for dealers to stock the proper inventory of license plates to accommodate all of their customers.

Supporters of the bill maintain that it would be a convenience for vehicle buyers and that since 25 other states have similar practices in place, it is a feasible proposal.