Deerfield Beach, Fla. — JMsolutions, a provider of Web-based products and services, and DMEautomotive, a multi-channel automotive marketing provider, introduced fully-integrated applications that help dealers maximize profitability. Known collectively as “SuiteTalk,” JMsolutions’ AAX inventory solutions and CMX customer solutions, along with SMX marketing solutions by DMEautomotive, offer a seamless information exchange between business process applications and marketing communication systems.

“Our recent union with DMEautomotive, which today supports some of the nation’s top dealers with multi-channel, variable communications, enables the creation of a complete CRM, inventory and marketing experience for dealers,” said JMsolutions President Scott Barrett. “We remain committed to our mission of providing dealers with innovative, integrated technology products and services. With the introduction of our SuiteTalk applications we are delivering on that commitment.”

The unique blending of these traditionally separate applications takes dealers through the entire customer life cycle from purchase, to service and repurchase with ease. Highlights and milestones of each suite include:

--AAX Inventory Management Solutions

--In 2007, dealers using the AAX Used Car Management System appraised 2.2 million vehicles with an average 25 percent increase in front end gross.

--New features include Pricing Assistant and Internet Marketing Solutions, as well as the ability to separate and track performance of certified vehicles on the lot.

--Includes Used and New Inventory Management Systems, Group Trading capabilities, Wholesale Solutions, and Dealer Results Management Support.

--CMX Customer Management Solutions

--Dealers managed over 1.1 million customers using the CMX solutions in 2007. They sold 855,000 finance and insurance products with a 45 percent average increase in back-end gross for those using the ProFi menu consistently.

--Includes DealerUps CRM, ProFi Menu and ProCal Desking applications.

--Provides CRM solutions for efficient management of prospects across all dealership touch points and powerful sales process improvement by customizing dealer presentations to each customer’s needs.

--SMX Sales and Service Marketing Solutions

--In 2007, 81 million multi-media customer communications were made on behalf of dealer clients generating over $958 million of total revenue.

--Features an automotive-specific marketing management application and Red Rocket engine that provides campaign reporting, data analytics and customer database management.

--Provides full consumer life-cycle marketing for dealers including on-demand marketing; auto-generated sales and service retention; and reactivation programs.