San Francisco, Calif. — Blue Flame 6 announced its partnership with MyStar to provide dealerships nationwide with an innovative 24/7 personal assistant service that will give dealers a competitive advantage. When customers call from a registered cell phone, they will be connected to their personal assistant who greets them by name and can do almost anything, at any time. Assistance includes driving directions, making reservations, providing sports scores, answering trivia, conducting online shopping, arranging travel, providing vehicle data, researching information such as weather forecasts and more.

The personal assistant service is a valuable tool for dealerships as it gives them a competitive edge and it can help keep gross high. Dealers can use it to increase sales, retain customers and promote the dealership’s brand with every call. The service can be given to customers with each vehicle purchase and dealers may also offer the service to customers for scheduling a test drive, referring a friend or family member, or bringing a vehicle in for service.

The personal assistant service also has the ability to provide customized messages to all registered customers. Dealerships may send their customers branded e-mails to notify them of a special sale or remind them to book a service appointment. The personal assistant can also send a phone text message to remind customers of an upcoming service appointment or sales promotion.

Peter Fice, general manager of Cerritos Nissan in Cerritos, Calif. is so impressed with the personal assistant service that he gives one year free to every customer who purchases a new or used vehicle.

“This is one of the best services I’ve seen in a long time. It’s like OnStar on steroids, and the best part is you don’t have to be in your car to use it. You can use it anywhere, anytime and find out just about anything,” says Fice.

Blue Flame 6 offers the personal assistant service, which is designed specifically for the automotive industry, in a variety of packages and prices. This makes the service compatible with any dealership’s budget and the dealership can also sell it to generate additional revenue. The personal assistant service is also offered as part of Blue Flame 6’s Rewards Program, a loyalty program customized specifically for dealerships.

The service can be used anywhere, 24 hours per day, seven days per week and can be activated instantly. By including the service with every vehicle sale, dealers will also have a way to capture e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers for all customers.