Hoffman Estates, Ill. — ADP Dealer Services announced significant additions to its Third-Party Access Program, each of which are now tested and in production. The program provides a set of APIs and system functionality for third parties to access dealership data. ADP’s new additions to the Third-Part Access Program consist of the following:

VPN Access: With dealer approval, ADP’s VPN connection for those vendors who require network access to ADP dealers. ADP’s VPN provides vendors secure, point-to-point network connectivity to the ADP DMS.

Vendor Programming Access: Provides DMS access for vendors whose needs are currently not met by the ADP Third Party Vendor Integration program. With dealer approval, Vendor Programming Access provides third parties flexible programming-level access to the DMS. This offering provides the dealer with an additional layer of security and authentication (via an RSA token) to know which vendor is accessing its data.

Integration Access: With dealer approval, delivers to a third-party vendor full service data integration products including: bi-directional (read/write) and real-time capabilities, data on a scheduled batch or real-time basis in the format designated by the data integration product, and an online tool that gives them information on all dealers enrolled in their program and outstanding issues or communications between ADP and their dealers.

“ADP has always understood that dealerships own their data and enjoy having choices on how best to share and utilize that data. With these enhancements to our already robust and successful Third Party Access Program, ADP can continue to provide varying levels of security and access allowing dealers and third parties to choose the option that best fits their needs,” said Dan McCray, vice president of product marketing for ADP Dealer Services.

ADP currently has more than 100 third-party providers participating in its programs providing ADP dealership clients the following benefits:

-Elimination of double data entry

-Approved VPN Internet access between the vendor and the dealership DMS

-Support for approved vendors by ADP Dealer Services

-Reduction of headaches dealing with third-party “hostile” interfaces

ADP’s Third-Party Access Program has recently added additional participants to the 100-plus existing members including ImEX Systems, OE Connection, RGIS, Wrenchead and XTime.