WESTBANK, British Columbia — Quantech Software.com, provider of F&I software for Auto, RV, Marine and Powersport dealerships, released its Web-based lead management software called Quantech Growth Performance System (Q-GPS).

Q-GPS is a Web-based product geared towards all dealerships interested in maximizing sales and marketing productivity and efficiency. “We’ve been working with experts familiar with the sales processes unique to dealerships to make sure we got it right in Q-GPS — and we did. I’m enthused by the simplicity and power of Q-GPS and look forward to helping dealerships streamline their processes and maximize productivity”, says Jack Pyck, president and founder of Quantech Software.com.

Quantech’s initial release includes tools for Sales Process Management, Sales Team Management, Advertising Management and Management of Trades. “GPS helps our sales reps stay on top of their leads. It lets us manage our leads through a common sales process, which tells us where every opportunity is in the sales pipeline. For every opportunity we now know what needs to be done, and when,” according to Jason Sugar of NorAm Auto Group in British Columbia, a Q-GPS test site.

Another key feature of Q-GPS is its ability to match buyers with sellers using its unique trade matching tools. Jason Sugar explains, “GPS allows us to log every vehicle type a prospect is interested in and match that to incoming vehicles. When we find a match, we can contact everyone that has expressed interest in that type of vehicle.”