Farmington Hills, Mich. — For the third year in a row, Manheim Riverside of California has won the “Auction of the Year” award from Mercedes-Benz Financial. The award recognizes superior performance based on various performance metrics including cycle times, buyer attendance and retention. Manheim Riverside sold 4,354 Mercedes-Benz Financial units in 2007.

“Everyone at Manheim Riverside worked hard to win this award for the third straight year,” said Amy Bouck, senior manager of remarketing operations for Mercedes-Benz Financial. “We have a highly competitive group of auctions trying to win this award and we appreciate the effort our auction partners put forth in the pursuit of acquiring it.”

Scott Hurst, general manager of Manheim Riverside said his team has a “long and successful” working relationship with Mercedes-Benz Financial.

“Winning this prestigious award for the third consecutive year is a testament to the outstanding employees of Manheim Riverside and the Mercedes-Benz Financial employees that are assigned to our auction,” said Hurst.

Another Manheim location, Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth, has won the “Most Improved Auction of the Year” award which goes to the auction making the greatest improvement in overall operations compared with the other full-time Mercedes-Benz Financial auctions around the U.S. Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth sold 1,668 Mercedes-Benz Financial units in 2007.

“Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth made the greatest strides improving in all the performance categories with which we measure our auctions, the same categories we use to determine our Auction of the Year award winner. This location passed eight other auctions in 2007 to finish third overall,” according to Hinton Sutherland, region manager, remarketing for Mercedes-Benz Financial.

Frank Post, general manager of Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth, sets a higher goal for next year. “I’m excited that our auction has won this award and it means a lot to us. I’ll really be excited when we take the Auction of the Year award from Manheim Riverside in 2008!”

Mercedes-Benz Financial’s Fort Worth based remarketing team will present trophies to both Manheim Riverside and Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth at the 2007 Auction Awards Dinner Event in March.