ORLANDO, Fla. — Autosave has joined MenuVantage’s Provider Exchange Network (PEN). Autosave, a five-year/100,000-mile engine and transmission warranty program used by auto dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada, joins over 50 other providers currently on the network. PEN streamlines the F&I process by providing auto dealers with direct integration to these providers. MenuVantage will electronically rate Autosave products, electronically remit and enroll their customers, and enable electronic contracting, keeping the submission process paperless and hassle-free.

“Autosave has a unique product offering for all dealerships where any vehicle can get a 100,000-mile warranty. The company has a strong footprint in both the independent and franchised dealer space in the U.S. and Canada and we are happy to be chosen as their technology partner,” commented Phil Battista, MenuVantage co-CEO.

Commenting on the new alliance, Paul Pawlusiak, Autosave president stated, “I am excited about our relationship with MenuVantage as it streamlines the selling process in F&I and makes it easier for dealers to do business with Autosave and benefit from our unique, fully-insured product warranty programs.”

MenuVantage provides dealers with superior F&I tools to ensure compliance and increased gross profit. The system offers F&I departments the most advanced technology available on the market including electronic submission of warranty and F&I products to providers and real-time service contract rating for over 50 providers.

MenuVantage has seen a strong increase in market presence and currently processes more than 100,000 deals per month for more than 8,000 users at automotive dealerships in all 50 states nationwide and Canada; the average deal with MenuVantage produces $903 per unit compared to $633 per unit without the system — a 30 percent increase in revenue.