ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. & WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — T-Systems North America is working with to implement a sales process automation solution to help auto dealers more efficiently capture leads and convert every sales opportunity into a more profitable sale. A T-Systems 5square pilot program of the 5square solution is now being used with select Audi of America dealerships nationwide. is a complete, integrated selling system that optimizes a dealership’s sales process, capturing and tracking every aspect of every lead, every deal, every time. It enables sales management to log into the dealership network and view the current sales stage of each customer from any internet location. The sales manager will be able to determine if a customer has been out on a test drive, is having difficulty receiving financing, has a vehicle trade to evaluate, or is at the final purchasing stage. This advanced monitoring allows for managers to quickly provide assistance to the customer at any stage of the vehicle selling process.

“We are excited to be working with T-Systems to pilot the solution with select Audi stores. At 5square we are confident this will show how we have the right tool to help the dealerships capture every opportunity, enforce a consistent sales process, let the managers focus on creating grosses and provide the transparency they have been looking for,” said 5square President Eric Larson.

“This solution will help dealerships manage their sales prospects more accurately and, importantly, will also help them close a higher percent of their showroom traffic,” said Paul Gessler, senior manager, CRM/Aftermarket, T-Systems in North America. “5square is available wherever the Internet is available and provides complete, real-time showroom transparency of all stages of the sale.”

It has been proven that dealerships using the 5square solution to automate their sales process get a higher percentage of be-back customers into their stores. The 5square solution provides sales personnel with the necessary tools to contact on-the-cusp buyers automatically, so that a higher percentage of prospects are converted to customers.

The 5square solution also offers many other tools in the product including a multi-pencil feature and target payment options to improve the efficiency of the sales process.

T-Systems plans to further expand 5square’s market penetration by integrating, installing and implementing the 5square solution at a wider variety of selected dealerships in the near future. Supplemental training for salespeople is also in process for participating dealerships. The system integrates easily with the major DMS systems.