RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. — Finance Express has released the first of several designed product integrations with partner Manheim Financial Services (MAFS). As part of this inaugural round of product integrations, Finance Express dealers who purchase vehicles at Manheim auctions can have those vehicles automatically downloaded into their FEX inventory management system.

“The beauty of this partner integration is the fact that a dealer can drive off the Manheim auction lot and quite literally have the car(s) they just purchased already in the FEX system by the time they get back to the dealership,” enthuses David Huber, president of Finance Express. “This is some pretty powerful technology! We know dealers want to concentrate on their core competency…selling cars. With this new interface, Finance Express saves the dealer time and money — the two most valuable things to any business person!”

As an added value, Finance Express included ancillary functionality to the Manheim automated auction downloads by eliminating the possibility of importing duplicate vehicles. This ensures the dealer’s inventory is always accurate and as fresh as possible. Further, the automated auction vehicle download product is simple to activate and free to Finance Express dealers.

“Finance Express’ DMS platform is as robust a product as we’ve seen in the market. Their ease of use, inventory management platform and lender network creates significant value for our dealer clients,” states Kathy Decker, vice president and general manager of Manheim Financial Services. “At MAFS, we understand the value of time to every dealer. Time is money, and we are working with Finance Express to significantly increase dealer efficiencies by leveraging our complimentary products and services to help our dealers succeed.”