Murrieta, Calif. — Sekurus Inc., the manufacturer of ON TIME, the patented starter interrupt system that ensures timely collection of customer car payments, is partnering with Debit Card Solutions (DCS) to offer an ON TIME prepaid Visa Card. The ON TIME prepaid Visa Card is a reloadable card that can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The card is issued by Palm Desert National Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

The card offers buy-here-pay-here car dealerships and financial institutions with one of the most convenient ways to collect regular loan payments from customers who have the ON TIME system installed in their vehicles. In addition, the drivers themselves are provided with a much easier way to handle their personal finances and make automatic loan payments.

Once a customer is approved for a loan at the dealership and receives an ON TIME installed vehicle, the ON TIME prepaid Visa Card can then be offered as an option to help better meet the responsibilities of a regular payment schedule. For customers without a bank account, an inability to write checks, or uneven experience with making timely payments, the ON TIME Visa Card offers an easy way to automatically meet their car loan obligations.

"We are pleased to be working with DCS to offer the ON TIME prepaid Visa Card," said Mike Simon, president of Sekurus. "Similar to the ON TIME system itself, this new Visa Card directly benefits both car dealers and their customers. The dealer gains an additional method to collect regular payments, while the consumer is further empowered with a direct and automatic way to make those payments."

"Working with Sekurus is an ideal fit for us," said Amy Dunker, president of Debit Card Solutions. "Few companies have such a thorough understanding of the subprime automotive market. Since its ON TIME system has become such a trusted name in the industry, we both agreed that the prepaid Visa Card would be a natural extension of its many offerings."

In addition to its convenient deposit and payment features, the ON TIME prepaid Visa Card also provides theft and fraud protection, along with a 24-hour customer service department that is available to handle customer concerns and answer questions.