Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — AutoUSA announced its consumer vehicle site is “going green.” Visitors to the site will now be able to search for new autos by fuel economy and green ratings, in addition to make, model, body style, class and price. Car buyers will also have access to a developing library of in-depth articles on green vehicles and emerging, environmentally friendly automotive technology.

“The green car market is continuing to grow as gas prices increase and manufacturers build more new hybrids,” said Phil DuPree, president of AutoUSA. “We wanted to provide environmentally-conscious buyers with a site where they can get fully educated on green cars and find the best vehicle for their needs and lifestyle.”

In the past three years AutoUSA has helped 10 million customers find a new car through its network of more than 4,000 affiliated dealers representing over 30 vehicle brands.

As part of the company’s new green initiative, the homepage will feature a “Green Car of the Month” with detailed information on the vehicle’s design, performance and environmental technology. Visitors to the site will also have the option of finding vehicles by fuel economy (mpg) and green ratings (the measurement of a vehicle’s environmental friendliness on a scale of one to 100). Green ratings will also be listed on every vehicle page in the company’s extensive online auto inventory.

In addition to green search options, the site will include original green content from environmental writers and industry experts to help educate consumers during the purchasing process. Buyers can learn how a car’s “greenness” is measured, read overviews of the various types of green cars such as hybrids, plug-in hybrids, flexible-fuel, biofuel and natural gas cars, review information on next-generation green vehicles and technology and get maintenance tips and advice on how to improve any vehicle’s gas mileage.

“ has always been a comprehensive online resource for anyone looking for a new car. Now auto buyers interested in environmental performance will have a green, feature-rich site to research, compare and find clean vehicles for sale in their area,” said DuPree.