Clifton Park, N.Y. — Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced that Dash/Mate, the company’s dealership productivity and performance measurement tool, has been upgraded with more detailed and advanced reporting features. The new enhancements give dealers increased customization options, the ability to analyze financial system data and easily compare multiple store metrics.

“Dash/Mate is the only management dashboard specifically designed for dealerships,” says Mike Esposito, president of Auto/Mate. “Because we’ve integrated it right into the DMS, dealers can pull up any store metric at any time and know they’ve got the most current and reliable information available.”

Dash/Mate is a graphical user interface built into Auto/Mate’s Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS), a dealership management system designed to meet the needs of any size dealership. Similar in concept to a vehicle’s dashboard, it lets dealers view the key production and performance statistics of their dealership at a single glance. Dash/Mate gets its information from the AMPS database and converts it into easy-to-read graphic forms. It gives dealers all the information they need in nearly real-time to more effectively manage their business.

New Dash/Mate features include:

Time Period Specification — Lets dealers specify the time period for a statistic, such as Today, Month-To-Date, Last Month, Last Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date and Last Year.

Financial Reporting Link — Enables information to be pulled from AMPS’ financial reporting system for viewing and analysis in Dash/Mate.

Customized Alerts — Customization of statistical views with colors that change when data values fall in or out of specified ranges to alert managers of production spikes and dips.

Drill Down — Fast and easy drill downs of any metric, all the way to the bottom level accounting transaction (such as a specific deal, repair order, etc.), to see how that number is calculated.

Multi-Store Viewing — Metrics from multiple endpoints can be viewed and compared on the same screen.

Dollar Value/Unit Count — Allows viewing of both the dollar value and unit count of any metric.

Dash/Mate enables dealers to quickly and easily view, analyze and compare any dealership statistic or metric. All data views can be customized with different fonts, colors and the type of graphical element displayed. The information can also be categorized to meet the specific needs of each user.

Dash/Mate is included as a standard feature within AMPS and made available to Auto/Mate customers at no additional cost.