Nashville, Tenn. Dealerskins, a division of Dominion Enterprises and a leading provider of automotive dealer Web solutions, has announced that it is entering into a strategic alliance with Google to become an authorized reseller of Google’s "AdWords" advertising program. As a Google AdWords Authorized Reseller, Dealerskins will help auto dealers tap into the power and reach of the Google AdWords online advertising platform.

AdWords is an online advertising platform designed to help businesses of all sizes use the Web to find new customers. Because AdWords delivers relevant ads when users search for specific products and services, it is a highly cost effective, efficient way for small and medium businesses to advertise their products and services – at exactly the time their customers are looking for them. Using the pay-per-click (PPC) model, businesses can select and bid on keywords related to what they are selling, and pay only when an interested user clicks on their ad. Advanced targeting options, customizable ads, and detailed reporting enable advertisers to evaluate the benefits and performance of their pay-per-click advertising efforts.

As an authorized reseller, Dealerskins maximizes its value to auto dealers by providing high quality customer service and expert, professional AdWords account management – from account setup and activation to ongoing campaign maintenance and optimization.

Dealerskins’ search marketing department, Ups! Unparalleled Search, encourages its auto dealer customers to use online advertising as a cost-effective way to find and target new customers – whether they are just around the corner or across the U.S.

“Our staff trains constantly to stay on top of the ever-changing technology of search engine marketing and optimization. Becoming an authorized reseller of Google’s AdWords advertising program in the automotive space is a true testament to Dealerskins’ role as a leader in the automotive search industry. It is a demonstration of how committed we are to developing and implementing effective online marketing services for our customers,” said Timothy Nobles, product manager at Dealerskins.