Norfolk, Va. Dominion Enterprises, a leading marketing services company, has announced that two of its automotive businesses, DataOne Software and XIGroup, will form a strategic alliance named DataOne/XIGroup to cross-promote their automotive Web development products.

“This exemplifies how Dominion Enterprises approaches integrating businesses. We aren’t interested in merging our businesses unless it better serves our customers, which this alliance clearly does. Combining DataOne’s open-source product development with XIGroup’s strong Web sites and customer support gives auto dealers a more expansive list of products and services to choose from, including inventory management and pricing tools,” said George Nenni, vice president of Dominion Enterprises’ data and Web site automotive businesses.

DataOne specializes in customized Web design, inventory and content management systems, and a unique back-end design that allows search engines to effectively index its sites. XIGroup offers affordable, search engine-friendly Web sites for franchise and independent auto dealers.

Joe High, general manager of XIGroup, will oversee operations for DataOne/XIGroup. “Customers of both companies can expect the same exceptional customer service and top-notch products that they’ve always received,” High said of the alliance. “They can also expect to see improvements over the next few months as we incorporate the strengths of each company across the board.”

Jock Pereira, founder of DataOne Software, will take on a new role as director of software development for Dominion Enterprises’ automotive group. He will coordinate and facilitate research and development efforts among the company’s automotive businesses.