San Diego, Calif. Vehicle transport marketplace has announced has announced the launch of the Vehicle Transport Management system. The platform is designed to provide efficient access to vehicle transport via the Internet.

The new system will allow dealers to enter into contracts with car carriers and manage the entire delivery process online. Since launching the new toolset two months ago, the number of vehicles dispatched directly to carriers via the website has grown to more than 5,000 weekly. By moving this process online, the entire transaction is streamlined, according to the company.

"One fundamental difference in buying a vehicle online is that the vehicle has to be moved; it is a physical asset," said Joe Steinberger, CentralDispatch VP of Product & Business Development. "No one wants an 'e-vehicle.' The capability to buy at an online auction or sell from a dealer website has existed for quite some time, but arranging transportation was still an offline process. Today the online process has become almost seamless via CentralDispatch."