Portland, Ore. Chrome Systems Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc. and an industry leader in collecting, enhancing, and distributing automotive data, has announced that ClickMotive, one of the fastest-growing automotive Internet marketing companies, has begun using Chrome New Vehicle Data in its FLEX Search Software and FUSION Website Software to help drive more online traffic and leads for its customers.

"Our product utilizes Chrome New Vehicle Data at its core to help populate thousands of dynamic web pages for every possible keyword pattern," said Stuart Lloyd, CEO of ClickMotive. "We also work with Chrome as a preferred vendor for our dealership website and microsite products. Chrome's data is always timely, accurate and reliable."

"With dealerships continually searching for ways to drive more online traffic and leads, the ClickMotive websites are valuable tools because they drive online shoppers back to the dealerships' individual websites," said Peter Batten, Chrome Systems General Manager. "Our Chrome New Vehicle Data is the perfect choice to populate these websites because it is always accurate and comprehensive, which ultimately drives more leads, traffic, and sales."