WAYNE, Pa. — On April 11, General Agents representing MaximTrak’s F&I Network gathered at the St. David’s Country Club in St. David’s, Pa., to take part in MaximTrak’s unique agency development workshop.

The two day event provided GAs with an opportunity to experience MaximTrak’s F&I training program firsthand. The event was geared toward educating GAs on how to differentiate their business and change their delivery model to focus more on value by utilizing training and technology.

Nearly all dealerships these days use some version of menu-selling in their F&I processes. MaximTrak’s clientele consistently identifies training as one of the essential elements driving their F&I success.

“Clearly there are many F&I menu providers in the market today,” says Jim Maxim Jr., executive vice president of MaximTrak. “However, there is a large vacuum when you compare the dealer’s real need and the level of sophistication and support that these systems and companies provide. By combining the renowned MaximTrak technology platform and our F&I training programs, we deliver a core value proposition that dealers and agents need alike in order to expand the profitability and productivity of their F&I departments.”

MaximTrak’s intense three day F&I boot camp for F&I managers indoctrinates students with a core set of skills necessary to be successful in today’s marketplace. F&I managers can literally leave the three day program and immediately institute the process inside of their auto dealership without disrupting the culture of the store. F&I managers are trained to become better partners at dealerships and consistently repeat the right actions on every deal.

The training programs are offered to MaximTrak clients as an added value to the company’s technology solutions. Experience, demonstration and practice are the principles underlying the MaximTrak training philosophy. The course makes liberal use of video-taped presentation exams and role playing to provide a constructive review of the progress made by course participants.