AmeriCredit Corp. has entered into a one-year agreement with a Deutsche Bank affiliate that will guarantee it a market for up to $2 billion in securitized loans, providing AmeriCredit with funding to continue making new-auto loans.

Under the agreement, the Fort Worth-based AmeriCredit will pay Deutsche Bank $20 million. It will also give the company options to buy up to 7.5 million stock shares.

AmeriCredit spokesman John Hoffman said that because of the turmoil in credit markets, the company has not been able to sell any new loan packages since October. It will now try to sell some of the securities when markets are more favorable.

AmeriCredit expects to make $6.5 billion to $7 billion in new loans this year and would need to sell about $5 billion in securities to finance those loans. However, because of the growing few of extensive defaults on subprime mortgages and other types of loans, investors and institutions have been unwilling to purchase loans securities.

Through its agreement, Deutsche will guarantee it will buy up to $2 billion worth of loan securities in exchange for cash and the right to buy AmeriCredit stock.

If AmeriCredit stock rises, Deutsche can buy up to 7.5 million shares to resell at a profit. It has until April 15, 2015, to decide whether to buy the stock at $12.01 a share. The options will be worthless if AmeriCredit shares don't rise above that level. AmeriCredit shares, which sold for as much as $29.46 a share in the last year, gained $1 and closed at $10.95 a share.