CHESTERFIELD, Mo -- Protective’s Asset Protection Division announced today the introduction of Mileage Plus, a high-mileage extended service contract aimed at the growing used auto market sector.

The Mileage Plus program includes three levels of coverage, including Level E, Level 1 and Level 2. Level E offers engine only coverage. Level 1 covers the engine coverage, transmission, drive axle, steering and electrical. The most comprehensive level of coverage is Level 2, which offers the same coverage of Level 1, as well as a coverage for suspension, brakes, fuel, air conditioning, interior and exterior coverage classes. Optional benefits available for all three levels include roadside assistance, substitute transportation and transferability.

“Mileage Plus is a solid product that fits nicely in to our current family of products” said Quentin McClung, SVP of Product Development & Training. “We are very excited to introduce Mileage Plus to 37 states this month. We believe the demand is high for a used car quality service contract offering. Industry car sale trends in 2008 show more interest in used cars and this is a product strongly tailored to that buying audience.”

Mileage Plus has already demonstrated market success as an extended service contract product offering through Western General, a member of the Protective group of companies. “We were very excited when we saw how successful the Mileage Plus program was at Western General. We couldn’t wait to introduce it across our entire distribution network,” said Brent Griggs, president, Asset Protection Division.

Mileage Plus will be deployed across the Protective footprint by both field employees and independent agents.