MURRIETA, Calif. -- Sekurus Inc., the manufacturer of the ON TIME starter-interrupt system, has announced the introduction of ON TIME FLEX software. The new technology is designed to offer dealers the ability to make payment schedule changes without having to remove the ON TIME device from a vehicle. FLEX is also able to wirelessly generate new payment terms and further streamline the overall payment experience for finance institutions, car dealerships and credit-challenged customers, according to Sekurus.

"Flex software further enhances ON TIME's leadership position as one of the most effective and versatile products on the market," said Mike Simon, president and CEO of Sekurus. "Having the ability to remotely assist customers with an ON TIME payment schedule delivers an even greater amount of convenience to lenders and consumers and helps increase the direct communication between dealer and customer."

The company reported that ON TIME FLEX software is now available throughout North America, is compatible with each version of the ON TIME system and does not require additional technology or outside communications with cell phones or the Internet.