Chicago will host a Webinar focused on helping dealers drive online sales. The free, hour-long event, entitled "It’s All About Process: How to Take Your Internet Sales Operation From Good to Great," begins at noon ET on May 8. It is part of’s monthly DealerADvantage Live Webinar series.

“Process is what sets great dealerships apart from good dealerships,” said Kathy Kimmel,'s manager of automotive consulting and dealer training. “I’ve been in hundreds of dealerships all across the country, talked to countless general managers and ISMs, and I see one common thread: Those stores that have clearly defined processes and operations in place outperform those that do not.”

Led by Kimmel, the Webinar will help dealers learn:

1. Why process is so critical to their online success,

2. How to implement processes that resonate with car buyers and integrate with their store's culture and business practices

3. How to develop a staffing structure and hiring process for online success,

4. How to engage employees in developing, implementing and refining sales processes for ongoing sales success and

5. How to define and track key metrics to ensure Internet department performance and accountability.

“It can be a daunting task for a store that traditionally is not process-driven to put in place the necessary systems. Lack of knowing where to begin and finding the time to get it done are two of the most common obstacles I see that keep dealerships from implementing process," Kimmel said. "This Webinar outlines how to identify and bring together the components of a successful program. At the same time, I hope it also gives attending dealers the confidence and inspiration they need to get started."

Dealers interested in attending or learning more about this month's DealerADvantage Live Webinar may visit’s DealerCenter at, where they can register to attend the event and view archived recordings of past events.