Dallas, TX -- The StoneEagle Group announced today that NAC, a developer of aftermarket service contract programs, will use SEcureTransmit, a software program that streamlines the secure electronic delivery of aftermarket product transaction data.

SEcureTransmit will provide auto dealers with real-time DMS integrated contract rating and streamline the remittance of aftermarket contract data directly to NAC. The program uses data directly from a dealer's management system, which eliminates the manual process of creating remittance registers.

SEcureTransmit can simplify the delivery of service contracts, credit insurance, GAP, ETCH and other aftermarket product data. The program eliminates duplicate data entry for auto dealers, agents and aftermarket providers, and reduces fulfillment time and errors associated with rating contracts.

“SEcureTransmit will allow NAC to operate more efficiently by eliminating costly errors for our dealers and agents caused by duplicate data entry and ease the remittance process for the office,” said Christina Schrank, director of operations for NAC.