CINCINNATI -- OneCommand, a producer of communication products for the automotive industry, announced Wednesday the addition of a live chat feature.

"OneCommand live chat enables dealers to create real leads and prospects out of buyers that would otherwise just browse and leave their websites. It is also becoming increasingly popular for the service department as customers can quickly get answers to questions about vehicle service,” said Al Babbington, CEO of OneCommand.

The Web-based chat program can create files on customers' contact information and integrate them with the dealership's existing contact management system. The program can also generate chat transcripts, which sales or management staff can review.

Since Camargo Cadillac of Cincinnati added live chat, the dealership's website-driven phone leads have increased by nearly 50 percent and overall sales have been up 10 percent in the first quarter. The dealership has not placed a used car newspaper ad in four months, according to Terry Healey, the dealership's sales/Website producer said.

"What appealed to me about OneCommand’s live chat is the originality. We have a caricature of our sales people drop down for chat, which is a little progressive, and people get interested," Healey said. "As a result our click-per-views are outstanding. So many buyers are texting and instant messaging and this is an easy way to get information."

The dealership has put a computer on every sales person’s desk so they can quickly respond to chat requests. OneCommand conducted intensive in-store training to bring the sales people up to speed on how to handle this new communication medium.

"It's required some process change and getting used to for our team. The sales person has to be there to take the call and be in the frame of mind to handle [Web-based chatting], which is new to them." Healey said.

Ohio-based OneCommand produces a variety of communication products and services, including voice, direct media, personalized web sites, email and mobile marketing channels.